Zingre (“ZZ”) Veenstra


Zingre Veenstra is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in both healthcare and law. As a former critical care nurse, Zingre developed a deep understanding of medical practices and the challenges faced by healthcare providers and hospitals. Motivated by a desire to make a broader impact, she transitioned to the legal field and focused her expertise on medical malpractice defense litigation and professional licensing issues.

As a registered nurse, Zingre brings unique perspective to her legal practice. Her firsthand experience in the healthcare industry allows her to analyze complex medical cases with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved. Drawing on her strong analytical skills and attention to detail, Zingre excels at crafting strong defense strategies for healthcare professionals and hospitals facing medical malpractice claims. Additionally, she specializes in navigating the complex landscape of professional licensing issues, ensuring that her clients’ licenses remain intact and their professional reputations protected.

Zingre is a lifelong Alaskan who had the privilege of beginning her legal career by clerking for Judge Catherine M. Easter of the Alaska Superior Court in Anchorage. Zingre’s clerkship provided her with the opportunity to hone her legal research and writing abilities and further provided her with the invaluable opportunity to gain insight into the judicial process.

Zingre’s unique background makes her a dedicated and passionate advocate in the field of medical malpractice and professional licensing, and she strives to ensure the best possible outcomes for her clients.


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