Practice Areas

Cashion Gilmore specializes in all areas of the law where we are able to put our extensive trial experience to work.

We generate successful results by relying upon knowledge acquired from actual courtroom and trial work. Whether your problems arise in the criminal or civil litigation context, you can confidently trust that your issues will become our foremost concern and receive the full benefit of our attention and expertise.

Cashion Gilmore LLC - AK Law Practice Areas - Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can be complex and diverse. We, at Cashion Gilmore, advocate for our clients and are willing to embrace any and all conflict or complications that may come our way to achieve the most successful outcomes in these cases.

Criminal Law

Fair treatment of defendants depends greatly upon the skill of their defense attorney. We are experienced in providing persuasive theories and effective defense for our clients, following through from the beginning to the end of a case.

Cashion Gilmore LLC - AK Law Practice Areas - Criminal Law

We have practiced extensively in rural Alaska and represent clients statewide.

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