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Mera Matthews

Mera Matthews has successfully represented individuals and businesses in every phase of litigation, including jury trial. She has significant experience in criminal and civil cases.

Mera has represented licensed professionals such as engineers, appraisers, police officers, and real estate agents facing administrative licensing sanctions and revocations.

Prior to joining Cashion Gilmore LLC, Mera worked at the law firm of Ashburn & Mason, where she focused on building a civil litigation practice and assisted in the firm’s oil and gas litigation and regulatory practices. She also worked at the Office of Public Advocacy, Criminal Division, in the area of criminal defense.

Mera is a member of the Alaska Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions Committee, and she:

  • Has successfully represented a local business through a contentious multi-week jury trial.
  • Has acquitted individuals charged with DUI, property offenses, assault, and controlled substance offenses.
  • Holds a Coast Guard 100 Gross Ton Master License.

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