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Civil Litigation

Cashion Gilmore & Lindemuth has broad experience representing Alaska's individuals and corporations in a variety of civil disputes.

Complex Litigation

Complex civil law problems can take on multiple forms. The attorneys at Cashion Gilmore & Lindemuth have broad experience representing Alaska's individuals, professionals, and corporations in a variety of civil disputes, reaching into Alaska's rural areas.

Practical Solutions

Our courtroom experience allows our clients to consider all available options for resolution of their issues including negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and trial. Flexible and responsive, we pride ourselves in finding practical solutions to the most challenging legal situations using cost-effective means.

Proven Ability

We have represented injured Alaskans, as well as sophisticated corporations, and we understand the complexities of Alaska's legal and regulatory systems. In professional malpractice cases, we have proven our ability to quickly assimilate complicated fact patterns and develop sophisticated legal solutions in real time. Outside the courtroom, we have guided clients safely through investigations by civil authorities and provided game-changing counsel to clients considering, or facing, potential lawsuits.

Successful Outcomes

Complex litigation requires thorough preparation and the ability to maintain focus on the ultimate goal for a successful outcome. We focus on the essentials of each case at Cashion Gilmore & Lindemuth. We are proud of our record of performance, and we are always looking for innovative and effective ways to serve our clients' needs.

We have practiced extensively in rural Alaska and represent clients statewide.

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