Firm Overview

Cashion Gilmore & Lindemuth specializes in trial and appellate work, dispute resolution, strategy & advice.

Jahna Lindemuth, John Cashion & Chester Gilmore
Jahna Lindemuth, John Cashion & Chester Gilmore
Cashion Gilmore & Lindemuth legal team in Anchorage, Alaska

Experienced Trial Practitioners

We have years of combined trial experience, which makes all the difference to our clients and makes us uniquely suited to provide legal and practical advice. We rely upon knowledge we have acquired through courtroom and trial work to generate successful results. We don't just use our experience for positive outcomes, but our traits of credibility and confidence, as well.

Quality Professional Representation

We believe in building a foundation of trust and respect with our clients, as well as all parties involved in each case. We are committed to excellence in all phases of legal representation and will provide you with the professional approach and individual attention that your problems require and deserve.

Criminal and Civil Law

Cashion Gilmore & Lindemuth specializes in areas of the law where we are able to put our extensive trial experience to work. Whether your problems arise in the criminal or civil litigation context, you can confidently trust that your issues will become our foremost concern.

We have practiced extensively in rural Alaska and represent clients statewide.

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